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A breakdown of video marketing for business

July 16, 2019content marketing , digital marketing , instagram marketing , video marketing , youtube marketing

Glad you landed on this page. It’s indeed a great privilege to have you here today. If you can spare your time to read this blog through, I’m sure you will get many lessons here. However, before reading further, permit me to ask this question: are you aware that top brands are rapidly changing their marketing techniques? For your information, over 80% of business owners and sales person are increasingly dumping conventional marketing techniques for digital ones. They are resolving into the use of tactics like searching engine optimization, social media marketing, video marketing, among others.

Small and large business organization are compelled by competitors to tweak their marketing tactics. One of the trending marketing techniques since 2016 is video marketing. Businesses are partially or wholly using the method for outreaching to their clients. For instace, MuleSoft, a software company, utilized the power of video marketing for responding to their customer inquiries. They have an entire webpage dedicated to their video content, where they host answers to FAQs, product tutorials, and more. Today, their site has been able to engage and convert web visitors appropriately.

Additionally, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, a modest ice cream shop in Columbus, Ohio, Canada proved the worth of video marketing through their youtube platform. Also, Reebok used their video promotion campaign – #HonorYourDays to communicate a powerful, yet captivating message –make the most of the days you have by, as they put it, “honoring the body you’ve been given.” The video which contained calls to action drove traffic to their website.

Certainly, Video marketing is an important tool in the hand of creative and modern marketers.

By definition, it’s the act of using video to promote or market a brand product or services”.  The common type of videos used for business marketing include the following :


This kind of video showcases how an organization program or products works. In other words, it’s a type of video that gives an overview of the company product and organization structure. It helps new users get acquainted with the latest features and functions of the product. It’s indeed the best way to show how a specific product can solve users challenges.


These kinds of video help explain the mission, goals, and structure of a brand. It helps a business entity project better pictures of their team and outputs. It’s a video that helps explain how the business latest technology can help achieve better results within the industry.


An event video is another kind of video marketing. It’s specially made to offer prospects and consumer base a highlight about recent company events. Perhaps a brand made a new product release during the event, this kind of video keep clients updated.


The expert interview goes a long way to convert prospects. Presenting yourself as an authority in a particular field help business grow and attract more clients. Clients show interest in learning from an expert and heeding to their advice. By engaging one of your experts in an interview, you can help your brand gain dominance through video marketing.


This kind of video marketing ensures clients oriented about your various topics within your industry. It teaches them how to use the product, avoid some circumstances, get some challenges resolved, and lots more.

The list of video used for marketing are many, but brands and experts often use those five above.


According to a result by HubSpot, 50% of consumers are eager to see videos from brands.  This effect on consumers is because the video has been reported by several media as a tool that massively influences the buying decision of clients. It creates a deeper connection with the target audience and helps them access appropriate information as fast as possible. Writing content have been found tiring and boring by many internet users. Incorporate the videos into several social media feeds, emails, newsletters, website homepage, and even blog post for audience engagement.

You can observe the payback of audience engagement in the following ways:

1.      Increased Awareness

Brands that resolve clients challenges are usually on top of people’s mind. Video marketing has indirectly been used to explain a series of answers to frequently asked questions of clients. It helps brands create eye contact with viewers. By so doing, customers are always relieved of their challenges and bookmark the company link for future purchase.

2.      Increased Conversion

Many brands that have used video marketing have shared testimonies about its effectiveness. Precisely, there has been good news that the video assists in converting prospects to the repeated buyer. That bolstered their annual sales.

3.      Increased Visibility on search engine

Google has now updated its algorithm. For every search made, there is always video results to such a search. Through video marketing, many brands have reached the top of google search results and massively reaped the rewards of the optimized video.

4.      Strengthened Trust

Clients trust the brand that communicates through video than any other service provider. Primarily because video creates visual meaning to every message and triggers a positive experience after viewers watch such video. Therefore, the more engaging a video is, the greater the trust a brand earns.

However, those stated benefits are achievable when the marketing video is made to target the audience. Below are a few techniques  that can help you achieve  quality video content :

·        Centering your video around story instead of a sale. You can make the most of the emotional power of video marketing when you center your ideas on customer pain points. Then, in the end, you include a CTA.

·        Make your video feature best 10 seconds. Always manage expectation from the outset. Ensure your video speak to audience curiosity. This can be done by asking questions and using teasers to hook their attention right away.

·        Being you’re doing expert interview doesn’t mean the entire video should be boring. Spice up space by adding some humor to the video and crack your audience cribs.

·        Optimize your video for SEO. Adding SEO keywords to your video can help it outrank that of competitors on search engines. 

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